Zoe GetmanPickering

Photo: Zoe

Me and my Work: I study predatory insects, and the fear they cause. I also study how plants talk to each other through huge underground fungus networks.

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K. Lindsay Hunter

Photo: Lindsay

Me and my Work: As a biological anthropologist, I study human bones and fossils to learn more about our past. I also look for new ways to keep monkeys and farmers from hurting one another. It’s like a cross between “Bones” and Jane Goodall!

Status: Thanks to everyone that participated, and those that voted for me! And, of COURSE, big CONGRATS to Jeff, the Amazing Batman! You can continue to ask me questions @Paleo_Bonegirl on Twitter! :-)

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Kenzi Clark

Photo: Kenzi

Me and my Work: I help keep General Mills food products free from harmful bacteria, so they are safe for you to eat!

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Jeff Shi

Photo: Jeff

Me and my Work: I study the world’s bats, and how evolution has molded them into a group of superhero-like animals as spectacularly diverse as Batman’s gadgets.

Status: Feeling blood rush to my head every time I remember I won against such amazing competition! Thank you all!

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Avani Wildani

Photo: Avani

Me and my Work: I program computer models of how the brain works

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