Love, fossils and keeping calm: week one highlights!

Well it’s the end of week one, how is everyone doing?

The scientists seem to be loving it, even with the HUGE amount of questions that have been asked so far! We’ve had over 250 questions asked, and 11 live chats taken place!

Scientist Jeff Shi said “I don’t know how I’m doing with questions, but I’m developing my speed typing skills”.

students reaction

A big reaction to Zoe’s spider.

We have schools from ten different states, from California to Massachusetts, Montana to Georgia and even a Canadian school in Ontario.


Remember, the first elimination will be at 5:30pm EDT on Tuesday May 19th, so check back here or follow us on twitter for the announcements – and remember to VOTE for your favorite scientist to win!

PaleoBoneGilr Jessica twitter followers

Kids loved that

QUESTIONS – keep asking!

There have been lots of fantastic questions so far – you can ask more than one, so keep asking!

And remember you can leave comments on questions, to thank the scientists, or ask them more questions.. Even if you disagree with them or have a different idea.

Hope you’re all enjoying the event as much as we are!

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