• Question: what is you fravourite super hero

    Asked by jsmooth to Zoe, Lindsay, Kenzi, Jeff, Avani on 15 May 2015.
    • Photo: Jeff Shi

      Jeff Shi answered on 15 May 2015:

      Batman (he of the night)

    • Photo: Zoe GetmanPickering

      Zoe GetmanPickering answered on 15 May 2015:

      Since i am an entomologist i feel like i should say Black Widow or Spider Man, but Deadpool is the funniest so he is my favorite. They are making a new movie about him soon. So excited!

    • Photo: Kenzi Clark

      Kenzi Clark answered on 16 May 2015:

      Star-Lord, or Peter Quill, in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. He’s got a rockin’ soundtrack that he listens to!

    • Photo: K. Lindsay Hunter

      K. Lindsay Hunter answered on 18 May 2015:

      Honey Lemon from “Big Hero 6”! She counts, right?

      “It’s elemental when it comes to chemistry whiz Honey Lemon. Don’t let her glasses and funky fashion fool you: Honey may be as sweet as her namesake, but she has a fire in her belly and a can-do attitude that make her pretty much unstoppable. Her knowledge of alchemy proves powerful, too, when the effusive brainiac becomes part of the Big Hero 6 and creates clever concoctions that when thrown, can get her team out of nearly any jam.”