Question: Is there a 3-D Printer that prints limbs?

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  1. The really awesome thing about 3-D printers is that, depending on their size and the materials used, you can print just about anything you want–even food–and even prosthetic limbs! But, maybe you meant ACTUAL whole limbs? We’re not quite there yet, but there has been some success in 3-D printing ears, skin grafts, blood vessels, kidney cells, and even bones!

    Cool body parts we can 3-D print:

    You might also enjoy this link to “Enabling the Future.” e-NABLERS help build low-cost, 3-D-printed prosthetics for kids and adults:


  2. Right now we’re limited to printing hard, solid objects, so it’s difficult to print things that are soft like human tissue. But I can guarantee we’ll get there.


  3. There are 3-D printers that can print a hamburger. A whole limb is a lot more complicated, but i can see it happening in the next 10 years.