• Question: During the chat, you said you converted to Jewish. My mom is Catholic and my dad is Jewish but I don't think I'm personally religious. I'm extremely interested in World War II as well though. Why did you convert?

    Asked by Tiger to Lindsay on 16 May 2015.
    • Photo: K. Lindsay Hunter

      K. Lindsay Hunter answered on 16 May 2015:

      I grew up Catholic and converted to Conservative Judaism in 2005. I’m not currently practicing, but I have great respect for all religions. I converted after my undergraduate studies in Holocaust history and interactions with Holocaust survivors led me to look more into the religion. Judaism isn’t a proselytizing religion (they don’t go out and recruit), so most people convert because they marry a Jew. I was an oddball because both my first husband and I BOTH decided to convert, mostly because we were thinking about having kids and were both interested in the religion. We wanted to convert beforehand so it wouldn’t get confusing for our children. Then, we divorced, we hadn’t had kids, and we went our separate ways. He became VERY religious, and now has a Jewish family. I lapsed in my practice, married again, and will raise my children as agnostic, though, prolly with traditions from both of my faith backgrounds. Funny how life turns out!