• Question: What is the best part in being a biological anthropologist?

    Asked by Alexandra to Lindsay on 16 May 2015.
    • Photo: K. Lindsay Hunter

      K. Lindsay Hunter answered on 16 May 2015:

      I’d say that the best part is that any other area of science that interests you can be done as a biological anthropologist! I have a friend who is the head of the Fossil Primates Division at Duke University, that is actually a bat specialist, too, just like Jeff! A lot of biological anthropologists study the origins of cognition and the human brain, much like Avani. You can also work in food safety, too, like Kenzi, and learn about the evolutionary history of how humans co-evolved with different microorganisms and how this affects our health. Some even study human relationships with insects or use them as models for studying aspects of human evolution or physiology, much like Zoe does. Another nice aspect is, that as a field, we’re also closely allied with the social sciences, so if you’re interested in the humanities, you also have the opportunity to dabble in those, as well!

      If this was The Lord of the Rings, biological anthropology would be the One Field to Rule Them All!!!