• Question: What's your favorite movie?

    Asked by LEGO-Boy to Lindsay on 12 May 2015.
    • Photo: K. Lindsay Hunter

      K. Lindsay Hunter answered on 12 May 2015:

      It’s really hard for me to pick just one, but the one I tend to watch the most is called “The History Boys” (2006). Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it–it’s a British movie adaptation of a British play by Alan Bennett. It’s kind of like “Dead Poets Society” in that it follows a group of school boys and their nutty, but inspiring English teacher. If you’re a Harry Potter fan like I am, you’ll recognize the teacher as Mr. Dursley and another teacher as the giantess headmistress from Beauxbatons!

      I love the music (80s pop) and the poetry, and find parts very sad, and others very hard. It’s a rare film because it is funny and enjoyable, while also making you think–just like the teacher at its center. I had a fantastic English teacher my junior year of high school that also had an odd way of doing things. I think his unique approach is probably a contributing factor in why I love literature so much today!

      What’s YOUR favorite movie, and why?

      You can check out “The History Boys” here: