• Question: As a scientist, what would be the biggest achievement you would like to accomplish in your career?

    Asked by The Monkey to Zoe, Lindsay, Jeff on 18 May 2015.
    • Photo: Zoe GetmanPickering

      Zoe GetmanPickering answered on 18 May 2015:

      The world is full of interactions that humans walking around can’t see. Plants and insects all talk to each other with chemicals we can smell, fungal networks that connect thousands of plants together, plants that call in parasitoid reinforcements when bugs eat them, predators eating prey that is too small to see. I love learning about all of these hidden interactions and I would like to discover a new one.
      If I discover a whole new secret interaction I will consider my career a success.

    • Photo: K. Lindsay Hunter

      K. Lindsay Hunter answered on 18 May 2015:

      I would’ve said “help describe a new species of fossil human ancestor,” but I’ve already done that! The best thing about science for me is that your bucket list just keeps getting longer and longer, and you keep on raising the bar. The next thing I’d like to do is to find ways to keep monkeys from eating human crops, since this hurts the farmers and gets them killed.

    • Photo: Jeff Shi

      Jeff Shi answered on 20 May 2015:

      I’d lke to become THE world’s expert on bats – on their evolution, how diverse they are, how they behave, and all that jazz.